Month: November 2012

Enhanced KNX experience

The KNX driver is now packaged to give better user experience. No need to compile the agoknx daemon yourself anymore. We also provide bcusdk/eibd debian packages for armel, armhf, i386 and amd64 on our mirror. That makes it very easy

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Fix an Ionics Plug Computer Power Supply

We’ve done a lot of testing of ago control on Ionics Plug computers. We were not happy with the quality as most of our units were dying and the Z-Wave chips on them were either delivered with wrong frequency or

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Aeon Labs Z-Stick with a Raspberry Pi

A picture of the ago control Raspberry Pi Z-Wave test setup: Runs for some weeks now, no issues.

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Installation Guide for Debian Wheezy

You can find a ago control installation guide for Debian Wheezy in our Wiki page here:

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Raspberry Pi packages available

Current packages for the Raspberrry Pi can be found on our mirror. You can install them via apt-get. Add the following to the sources list: deb wheezy main Next run an “apt-get update” and “apt-get install agocontrol agocontrol-admin“. Please

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