Android App enhancements

Hugs did an amazing job and reworked the Android App:

  • Preliminary icons in ListView to indicate device types
  • Added “set dimmer level” functionality
  • Added “run scenario” functionality
  • Added “get video frame” from functionality
  • Depending on device type, the action dialog will only have relevant controls:
    • binary switch only shows on/off
    • dimmer has on/off + level slider
    • webcam has “get video frame” button
    • scenario has only “run scenario” button
    • other devices have nothing at the moment
  • There are still some known issues where changing orientation crashes the app
  • Devices are retrived on an AsyncTask thread so it doesn’t block the UI
  • Added an indeterminate ProgressDialog that displays while the devices are retrieved and dismisses when complete
  • Commands are sent on an AsyncTask thread as well so it doesn’t block the UI
  • MainActivity now inherits from ListActivity
  • device_list_view.xml has an android:empty layout used when no devices are returned
  • Added DeviceAdapter extending BaseAdapter and uses the ViewHolder pattern for the list of devices. This will ultimately allow for richer content in the list view.
  • quick fix for preferences on Gingerbread and earlier – manifest changes

You can find the new version here: