BlinkM RGB LED on Raspberry Pi

BlinkM your cup in any color
BlinkM your cup in any color

ago control now supports BlinkM RGB LED and how to wire and install it on a Raspberry Pi. The BlinkM is controlled via the I2C Bus which is available by default in the Raspberry Pi; you just need to enable it. How to set up the device you can find in our Wiki page.

After installation you should see the BlinkM as a “dimmerrgb” device in the admin interface. Currently you only have the “set color” button in the Dashboard.

The BlinkM LED is working well with base colors. If you want to see a nice yellow it’s nearly impossible to get a clear yellow shown. Colors like red, blue, green are looking great. The nice thing on this LED is that you can also dimm the level – so you can get for example beating colors – fade in / out. You also can switch the LED on or off. A nice feature on the side is, that you can read the current set color value of the device or even it shows the same color you last let after a power loss. It’s currently one of the cosiest LED RGB dimmer we have seen so far.

We are planning to get the BlinkM MAXM supported by ago control Рperhaps there is some nice user out who will supply us a few samples.

Happy BlinkM’ing