ago control 1300+ commits

ago control T-Shirt
ago control T-Shirt. THX to Chris Scheuer (AT) and Mac Mac (PH)

It’s time to say thank you to all ago control developers. Now there 1308 commits, super slim core with 5621 lines of code, 40+ devices supported. All core is now written in C++. The Web Admin is working so far and the basic Android App features are working – we really need a mobile device developer. The major core changes nearly finished and we are looking forward to get stable release out soon.

Don’t forget to check out the Wiki pages – we really got a lot of useful information in there and also some screenshots of the JS Web Admin.

YOU want to support us? Code or Donate. Donations > EUR 50 will get ago control T-Shirt (hand signed by ago man)

Your ago control team