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ago control 1300+ commits

It’s time to say thank you to all ago control developers. Now there 1308 commits, super slim core with 5621 lines of code, 40+ devices supported. All core is now written in C++. The Web Admin is working so far and the basic Android App features are

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Massive CORE changes

Hello folks, we’re making big changes to the codebase. If you rely on a stable system, I’d suggest to not update over the next 4 weeks. We’ll push in a lot of improvements at core parts and as well into

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Big CORE changes

We did a few major upgrades the last days. The biggest change is the move to the new resolver which was completely rewritten in C++ and a major change in Z-Wave device. Switching the resolver from python to c++ The

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Control any device – Client Library for C++ and Python

You now simply can add your own devices into ago control with less skill since we now have a Client Libary for C++ and Python. You can write a complete device control with a few lines and you don’t need

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ago man cross stitch by ago maker Emee

Today I got a present of the “ago maker Emee” – a cross stitch of our ago man 😉 I am happy to share you the picture of Emee and the cross stitched ago man. Feel free to contact us

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BlinkM RGB LED on Raspberry Pi

ago control now supports BlinkM RGB LED and how to wire and install it on a Raspberry Pi. The BlinkM is controlled via the I2C Bus which is available by default in the Raspberry Pi; you just need to enable it.

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Merry XMAS

We wish you and your family a merry christmas! Enjoy the silent time! We have a small christmas present for you – the Data logger and JSON-RPC devices are working so far. We are looking forward to get the visual

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SNMP integration for APC Rack PDU – Update

The APC plugin now uses SNMP for device control. It can switch the outlets on and off and provide the status of the outlets. At a fresh installation the device names are taken from APC PDU and pushed to ago control

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Remote control APC Switched Rack PDU

ago control now supports the APC Switched Rack PDU and you now can switch on or off power outlets of the PDU. You ever had a problem with an air condition failure and wanted to switch on extra fan units

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Switch on or off device via telephone

You now can combine the power of ago control and Asterisk PBX to be able to call home and switch on or off a device any device connected to your ago control installation. If you just want to try out

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