• Is it real? – Yes, ago control is real. Go to the Download page to check out.
  • Is it free? – Yes, ago control is free as in beer and speech. 
  • What are the license terms? – ago control is licensed under the GNU Public License Version 3
  • What devices does it support? – We currently have support for a lot of devices like Z-Wave, 1wire, KNX/EIB, MySensors, Chromoflex USP3, Onkyo AV Receivers, and a many more.. 
  • Can I control my device with it? – That depends on your device. If there is a way to talk to it (Ethernet, RS232, USB, whatever) and the protocol is known, it is fairly easy to add device support.
  • Does it talk to other Home Automation systems? – We’ve a bridge to talk to LinuxMCE (currently one-way, but it will be improved). Other systems can be interfaced if the protocols are documented.
  • Can I use it as security system? Yes, this is one of the core features.
  • Will it close my drapes at sunset? Yes, if you want such a scenario and your drapes are motorized, this is very easy to configure.
  • Will it cook food for me? No.
  • What is AMQP? AMQP is an enterprise grade messaging system. Visit http://www.amqp.org to learn more. The ago control components talk to each other via AMQP. We use the Apache QPID implementation in ago control. (http://qpid.apache.org)
  • Where does “ago” come from? It is greek (“ἄγω”), meaning “I command” in our case.