Switch on or off device via telephone

You now can combine the power of ago control and Asterisk PBX to be able to call home and switch on or off a device any device connected to your ago control installation. If you just want to try out the feature you need some public SIP telephone  number which is free to get via Sipgate.at for example. You set up a Debian Wheezy box, install ago control and Asterisk and do your extension config in extensions.conf like this one:

exten => 100,1,System(/opt/agocontrol/bin/messagesend.py -d 16ca23fb-af49-4da2-9aac-5e679f31de1b -c on) ; ago control send message

A full Howto you can find in our wiki: http://wiki.agocontrol.com/index.php/AsteriskPBXHowTo

You also can power on the heater in your holiday house via telephone – if you have a internet connection there 😉 It’s nice to arrive at a warm place…