Big CORE changes

We did a few major upgrades the last days. The biggest change is the move to the new resolver which was completely rewritten in C++ and a major change in Z-Wave device.

Switching the resolver from python to c++
The reason behind this is to increase speed on embedded platforms. The c++ resolver works fine so far, we just need to add further testing to make sure it behaves as solid as the old python variant. The old python resolver is still in the core package. Should you need to fall back to it, just change the agoresolver.service systemd script back to the python executable.

New Z-Wave driver
The new driver uses the ago client library and does a new kind of mapping to support OpenZWave values directly. That will allow us to add support for more complex devices. The first of these kind are multi instance devices. So when you have e.g. double paddle switches, the second paddle should show up as separate device now.

Admin interface
we’re currently adding a lot of new features like live status update, floor plan editor, and so on. This might introduce hiccups. So be prepared.

Cleanups regarding outputs
All components should adhere to a new global logging standard and log all their output to syslog. We were using systemd for syslog forwarding but as many people want to use upstart or sysvinit, we shall go straight to syslog.

When we get major changes working smooth we will publish a stable branch in the future and a unstable for development. If you find some bugs you are welcome to give us feedback in IRC or open a Ticket here: