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Building a battery powered WiFi IoT Sensor with ESP8266, MS-5611 (GY-63), nodemcu and MQTT

Introduction The ESP8266 is a 32 bit micro controller with an integrated WiFi chipset and TCP/IP stack. The flash is connected via SPI. Firmware upgrades can be done via the serial port after booting with GPIO0 pulled to ground (I’m

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Release 1.0 pending

We’ve released a 1.0 candidate on our “testing” repository. Please help with testing. If we don’t find any showstoppers, this will become 1.0 in a few weeks.

ImperiHome support

We’re in the process of adding support for the ImperiHome Android app. The basic things are working already. A package is available (agocontrol-imperihome). Stay tuned for more news about the progress.

MySensors support

We’ve added MySensors support. Visit for details on how to build your own sensors with arduino and NRF24 RF modules.

Very bad experience with Linux on VIA APC Rock

We were searching for Raspberry Pi alternatives. The Cortex A9 seems to be a good choice. Besides more speed it is able to run stock Debian Wheezy. (Raspberry Pi needs ARM6 binaries, so you need to run Raspbian). We did find

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RaZberry Pi Z-Wave module arrived

The brand new RaZberry did arrive last week. It works like a charm with ago control. Just make sure to use “/dev/ttyAMA0” as device in the “zwave” config section. Kudos to the folks from Z-Wave.Me for this very nice piece

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Raspberry Pi GPIO support

Thanks to apagg there is a Raspberry Pi GPIO device interface available: That makes it very easy and cheap to start with home automation. Just attach relays and binary sensors to the GPIO ports of the Raspberry Pi and configure

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rain8net device support added

We’ve added rain8net device support for the commonly used units from WGL Design: More information is provided in the forum thread:

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RaZberry Raspberry Pi Z-Wave add on module

We’ll receive samples of the RaZberry Z-Wave add on for the Raspberry Pi soon. So you can expect them to work flawlessly with ago control. You can find more information regarding the module here:

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Android App enhancements

Hugs did an amazing job and reworked the Android App: Preliminary icons in ListView to indicate device types Added “set dimmer level” functionality Added “run scenario” functionality Added “get video frame” from functionality Depending on device type, the action

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